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Early Interventions in Reading



Goal of the Program:

The goal of Early Interventions in Reading program is to provide intensive small group instruction in order to develop phonemic awareness, decoding, reading fluency and comprehension to grade level expectations.

Grade Level(s):              Grade2 (Level 1) and Grade 3 (Level 2)

Target Students:             DIBELS: Strategic or Intensive

CORE: 25% and below

Type of Program:  Supplemental

Instructional Delivery Mode:  Small group, direct-instruction

Technology Required:  None

Reading Components Addressed: Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Word Recognition/Spelling, Comprehension

Recommended Instructional Minutes: 45 minutes/5 days per week

Overall Design and Instructional Sequence of the Program:

Placement test determines Level 1 or Level 2. The program presents well-defined teaching routines and an instructional sequence of 120 lessons in the following manner:

  • Small instructional groups of 3-5 student optimally or 5-12 students maximum
  • Over one school year
  • In a clear and effective manner
  • To maximize academic engagement and rapid interchange

Assessments:  Manual

Placement Test: Early Interventions in Reading Placement Test (given after

identifying potential students using CORE, STAR, DIBELS)

Progress Monitoring: Program-specific assessments are provided as part of the program after every sixth to eighth lesson. All assessments appear in the Placement and Assessment Guide.

Professional Development Requirements and Cost:

Requires 3.5 hour training provided free by SRA if enough teachers attend the training.

Who Can Deliver Program:

Classroom teacher, instructional aide or member of your support staff who has been trained.                        

Strengths of the Program:

Instructional routines and format similar to core program, Open Court-Green Section.

Weaknesses of the Program:

Most effective with very small groups; intense teacher time/instruction required.

Link to the Program’s Website:  www.sraonline.com/

Cost:  $1,500 -$2, 500 for essential materials

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