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Welcome to Capistrano Unified School District on-line New Student Enrollment!

Enrollment is currently being accepted for:

  • 2015-2016 School Year
  • 2016-2017 School Year (available February 6, 2016)


QuestionWhat is CUSD On-line New Student Enrollment?

CUSD On-line Student Enrollment allows you to begin the enrollment process for students new to the district.  Former students returning to the district (who withdrew from CUSD at least a month ago or longer) may also complete the On-line Enrollment process.  You must have a valid address in the cities served by Capistrano Unified to use this system.

For information on enrolling a student who is currently attending (excludes CUSD's charter schools) and will be transferring schools within CUSD, contact the office at the appropriate school assigned to your residence to have your records transferred. Please do not complete the Online Enrollment process.

The online process typically takes 20-30 minutes and requires a valid email address. If you are unable to complete the process at one sitting, you may logout, and resume the process at a later time using your email address and a password you select. To resume data entry of a student click the "Resume entering data" button below.

Please note that enrollment is not complete until the On-Line enrollment information has been reviewed by the school, other school forms are completed, residency has been verified and the school deems the entire enrollment process to be complete and acceptable.

QuestionWhat information do I need to complete on-line enrollment?
You will need the following information to complete the on-line enrollment process:
  • A valid address in the cities served by Capistrano Unified.
  • A valid email address.
  • General information about your student.
  • Name, address and district of previous school.
  • Parent/Guardian's home/work phone and address.
  • Name and phone number of emergency contacts.
  • Local physician name and phone number.
  • Date first enrolled in any USA school.
  • Date first enrolled in any California School.

If the student was not born in the USA:

  • Date student entered USA.

QuestionCan I use on-line enrollment to enroll for this year?
Yes, registration is available for the school year specified at the top of this page.

QuestionHow do I get started?
To begin, click on the “Enroll a Student” button below. You will be asked to provide your residential address. Information about you, and your student will be collected. Once finished you will print copies of a confirmation receipt, one to bring with you to the school, one to keep for yourself.

QuestionWhat do I do after completing the on-line enrollment process?
At your assigned school, you will be required to provide 2 proofs of residence before completing the enrollment process. Other information will also be gathered at the school. See our Required Documentation for details.

QuestionWho do I contact if I am having trouble using the on-line system, or would like to make a comment or suggestion?
Click here if you are experiencing any problems using this system, or would like to comment on it.


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